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HVAC cleanroom validation Providers

Medival Technologies is India’s most competitive Company with focus in the field of Validation, HVAC activities and Mapping. This ISO 9001:2015 Certified company is known for prompt, economical and reliable Validation, Mapping services mainly to pharmaceutical segments. Medival Technologies offer localized support and services to their customers.

Medival maintains professional approach in its working and complies with applicable National / International Codes and Standards. Above all, Medival upgrades the knowledge and skills of its personnel through training to ensure continuous human resources development.



Sr. No. Equipment Description Make
01 Particle counter 50 LMP (TrakPro Lite Secure software) with printer TSI
02 Photometer PH-5 with Printer Aerosol
03 Generator Aerosol
04 Air capture hood & Bluetooth Printer TSI
05 Anemometer Lutron
06 Camera Panasonic
07 Water fogger Airtech


Our Vision

Our Vision is to be customer’s first choice and trusted partner to make their business successful by helping them with our range of Services and solutions in Validation and Mapping, meeting the requirements of necessary tests, test methods and documentation as per the current guidelines.


At Medival Technologies our mission is to maintain the integrity and professionalism of our services while enabling steady growth and development. Business plans, strategies, solutions and markets themselves are changing constantly, and as an organization founded on the principles of flexibility and adaptability, Medival have adapted her focus and strengths while incorporating new talents to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. In doing this, we will ensure our clients are ready for any new developments that may come their way. Medival is committed to excellence, superior quality, and client-focus. Medival provides high quality solution, services and support to customers to build trust and long term relationship.

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