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portable data logger

portable data logger

Medival Technology offers several low-cost, portable data loggers that provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for your basic data-logging applications. These data loggers easily take measurements with no programming required and display results on your PC. Portable and wireless data loggers for monitoring and recording analog variables like temperature, humidity, pressure, and digital, flow pulses or open / closed sensor, in most processes, such as industry, logistics, infrastructure IT, cold chain, among others.

We Medival Technology lay strong emphasis on the research & development that helps us deliver technologically advanced products to our clients in pune, navi mumbai, mumbai, thane, aurangabad, goa, maharashtra, Karnataka over india. Portable data loggers fall into two categories: • Dedicated inputs to measure common parameters such as temperature, humidity, voltage or current. • Universal or mixed input models that can be configured to accept a wide variety of different types of sensors.

portable data loggers

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